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The 2017 Genesis G90 is a luxury sedan at an incredible bargain

“Is that a Chrysler?” my friend asks when I pull up in the G90. Hmm, no.

But if you’re still asking that question, then Hyundai corporate hasn’t done enough to impart the Genesis brand on the American consciousness. Does that mean I have to? Well, they gave me one to test for the week, so I suppose it’s the least I could do.

Look at the promo material for the brand, and you won’t be surprised that it hasn’t become a household brand. It says Genesis is a brand that focuses on “‘human-centered’ luxury through a range of new models that feature the highest standards of performance, design and innovation.”

What does that mean? Nothing.

So I’ve taken it into my own hands to create a definition of the brand. Genesis, at its core, is the final step in Hyundai’s transition from a low-rent, back-of-the-Hertz-lot Korean import to a full-fledged, full-line carmaker. It’s the first time that the Koreans have split their luxurious aspirations into a separate brand.

Tell someone this at a party, though, and you’ll come off as a bore. So make it quick and tell them it’s Hyundai’s version of Lexus. If done right, a flagship like the G90 can catapult a brand into relevance. If done wrong, it can mean doom. Let’s find out whether the folks at Genesis have sealed their own fate.

This article was reblogged from CNBC Tech.

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