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Overwatch Anniversary Event: Every Skin and Emote Listed

The Overwatch Anniversary Event to celebrate the first year of popular hero online multiplayer shooter Overwatch is now live. Before you can jump in, there’s an update to the game that’s around 1.64GB on the PS4. The Overwatch Anniversary Event takes place from May 23 to June 12.

Like every Overwatch event prior, Blizzard will make a certain number of cosmetic items available for its duration. These include skins, emotes, player icons, and sprays to name a few.


One of the biggest draws is the limited edition skins that can be unlocked during the event. YouTuber Arrekz has highlighted all available ones during the Overwatch Anniversary Event.

Overwatch Anniversary Event skins

  • Pharah – Bedouin 
  • Solider 76 – Cyborg 76
  • D.Va – Cruiser 
  • Tracer – Graffiti
  • Hanzo – Cyber Ninja
  • Mei – Beekeeper
  • Zarya – Cyberian 
  • Bastion – Dune Buggy
  • Genji – Sentai
  • Symmetra – Oasis
  • Lucio – Jazzy

Furthermore, there will be a host of emotes you can obtain as well. This time around, they’re in the form of dance moves. Apt considering that this is a celebration of the hero shooter’s first year.

Overwatch Anniversary Event emotes

  • Tracer – Charleston
  • McCree – Line Dance
  • Mercy – Hustle
  • Reinhardt – Sweethardt
  • Mei – Sunny Dance
  • Widowmaker – Ballet
  • Pharah – Rocket Guitar
  • Lucio – Smooth
  • Bastion – Robo Boogie
  • Hanzo – Fisherman Dance
  • Junkrat – Running Rat
  • Ana, Symmetra, D.Va, Roadhog, Sombra, Torbjorn, Zenyatta, Soldier 76, Orisa, Reaper, Winston, Zarya, Genji – Dance

In addition to this Overwatch Anniversary Event loot boxes will also contain 24 new voice lines, 25 sprays, and 25 player icons, including golden player icons. You can check out all of the above in the following video.


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